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Why we need a break...every hour or so

Some of us are lucky enough to do what we love. We have found a way to do work that gives us a buzz. And so we immerse ourselves in what we love and time flies.

In doing so, we use energy - mental, emotional and physical. It is really really important that we are disciplined about restoring energy too.

In this beautifully simple, elegant model, Jim Loehr and Tony Scwartz explain why disciplined, intermittent recovery is vital to accomplish goals that are connected with our deeper values and sense of purpose.

This is a powerful discipline that unleashes reservoirs of energy to use when you want!

My own experiment was very simple and I reflected upon it is this piece I wrote a month or so ago.

I asked my FitBit to remind me to step outdoors every hour. I am lucky to live in a place where we are surrounded by gum trees and so in a few minutes I was in a restorative, emotionally expansive space that allowed me to reflect on what I was doing, take different perspectives and feel energetic.

Kaplan writes about why nature is so restorative.

So, step outdoors. Go for a walk. Find a window and look outside. Stretch. Make it a ritual.

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