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The One Thing...

I am inspired by the idea of "the one thing" rather than a list of NY resolutions :)

Thank you Sean Hall for this piece!

For me, 2018 seems to be the year I want to be mostly about connecting.

When I think of connecting, it means a few different things....

Firstly, it means being present. In the moment, with the person I am with, connecting in a way that is warm, loving, unconditional. It also means connecting with those I care about who are not with me. I would like to look back on 2018 and know that I made an effort to reach out, say hello, listen.

And it involves connecting with what surrounds me. Feeling appreciative of, grateful for and enjoying the abundance of nature.

Most importantly, it means I will use my voice for the issues I care deeply about. And do something about it. Get involved. Act.

We stand on strong shoulders. There are many who strive to make this world a better place for more people.

I am an advocate for leaders who want their people, teams and organisations to thrive and bring real world experience and professional expertise in building organisation and leadership capacity for sustainable, high performance in complex, challenging situations.

Connect with me if you would like to chat about unlocking ways for your teams to work better together. Read about my work with leadership teams here.

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