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The things we say to ourselves...

At the heart of what I do is nurture an unconditional positive regard - for ourselves, and those we work and live with.

It is the only freedom we have... the freedom to choose how we think about what is happening. We can learn to keep things in perspective, we can suspend judgement and become curious about what is presenting....

Our own thoughts and feelings turn up - to keep us safe, perhaps to protect us from disappointment. Sometimes just to keep us from doing something that may be scary. Intuitively, we may rush to protect ourselves - we may get mad or sad!

What I have learnt is that we can actually just hang in there. Like a warm hug or cuddle we give an upset child to comfort them, we could just hang around with our thoughts and wonder why they are there with us... what is important that we want to protect? And then, we may find a way to do a little something that may just help us get what we really want.

The LSI is my favourite tool to make it all very real very quickly. It gives us a language to pursue goals that are important, in a way that is exciting and energising. It gives us a language to speak to those we work with . And it helps us develop a healthy relationship with ourselves.

In working with executive teams, seeing a jump like this in the composite Self-Actualising Thinking Styles is like heaven. This is when people work with each other creatively, with compassion and curiosity, deeply connected through a genuine caring interest in each other.

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