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The power of resting


Directing attention to tasks even when they are enjoyable and stimulating can create fatigue. We tend to underestimate the power of restorative breaks.

I was at dinner with hubby and close friends... it had been a big day preparing our beach home for a photo shoot. I really enjoy looking at the house afresh and making it look pretty. So I definitely did not think I was tired!!!

It had been a big week too... finishing off essays for Uni, doing some work. Again, really stimulating, lots of new learning that I really enjoy... so I was surprised when our friend asked me if I was tired!!

I had yawned a few times :) And yes, just that question made me slow down a bit and say, yes, I probably am! Also, very relaxed, though!

Restorative breaks are very powerful. I find myself in this big transition from a full time role to creating a portfolio of the things I love doing - my joy of learning, coaching, hanging out with family, pursuing hobbies. Just taking a break to step outdoors for a bit completely shifts the energy. Nature has that power... allowing us just enough stimulation to relax and yet reflect on important priorities.

Rest is powerful. And really important!

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