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Why would you look after yourself?

Intentions. They are pure and immensely powerful!

We know that when put effort into initiating and persisting with intentional activities that are personally meaningful, there will be enduring boosts to our sense of well-being which in turn, builds up our reservoirs of skills, allowing us to rest after achieving big stuff and motivating us to seek out and accomplish new challenges!

Now, why on earth would I want to do that, you may be thinking!!! Have I not done enough already :)

Well, there is also enough science behind the proposition that this sense of well-being is associated with success in relationships, work and physical health. And when we choose what we put effort into, we can also vary the activities and change the frequency so it always feels fresh, meaningful and positive!

So I have decided to hand over my days to Fitbit for 5 weeks. I will listen to it when it asks me to move every hour. And celebrate with it when I hit the number of steps I have committed to do every day.

I will also cheer myself when I don't. That is Fitbit. It loves you even when you have not quite hit the mark.

Something about that makes me wanna keep going!!!

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