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How do I know what is true?

What might I learn at a workshop that is called Conversations at the Growing Edge?

I have been trying to tame my curiosity and hunger for learning ever since I can remember. Just like the caterpillar who is always searching for more, I seem to always be pondering about what I may be missing.

And I sure was missing this!!!

Imagine landing amongst a gang of the most extraordinary people, where our goal was to tip into our pots of compassion so we could learn how to listen to our partners to understand how they make sense of their world.

These were three days that slowed me down as I pondered on my own way of making meaning of what is happening in my life, the choices I have made and the desires I nurture about what I want to be doing.

I discovered yet again how blessed I am to have worked with so many fabulous leaders, to have learnt from so many people - my parents, my children, my friend and partner, colleagues, friends and the many many brilliant minds who put their work on paper, who teach and work tirelessly to find ways to help us be the best we can be.

Our needs and desires are the only thing that matters when we come into the world. It is a precious world, when it is just me and the whole universe revolves around me!!!! We quickly realise though that it is not really true and start to notice important others that we learn to become loyal to and follow. Until our voice starts to emerge and we become the authors of our lives. These are the various meaning making systems that work like lenses through which we make sense of our world. The demands made on us require that we develop increasingly sophisticated and expansive ways to see the world.

So what does this mean for leaders and those of us who work with leaders to help build inclusive, spacious workplaces where people thrive and grow?

At a very very simple level, it means that we can slow down and listen with compassion. We can learn to notice our own thoughts and feelings as well as those of the people we are with. When we open ourselves to these, we may just get a glimpse into what is important to us and find a different way of looking at the world that may just lead us to new possibilities.

If you are looking for creative, inclusive ways to stimulate personal and organisation growth, get in touch!

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