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What happens when you slow down?


This is the number of hits on Google when you ask this question.

And I am spending three days in Paekakariki a beautiful seaside village in New Zealand attending a conference that is called Conversations at the Growth Edge.

It is where I will dive into a world where I hope to experience listening as a powerful transformational tool and use it to slow right down.

As executives, we are trained to act on what presents and be decisive. Clarity of thought is sought and needed.

What if we were able to drop all that we know and just listen to what is presenting? It seems that this being in the present moment and listening to see what emerges with unfettered curiosity can lead to solutions that we may not have imagined. If we can let go of what we know to experience what emerges in the moment, we may just find ways to solve problems that will endure the test of time.

So after many many years being an advocate of leadership development, creating cultures where people can do their best work, I will learn to shut up and listen.

I know many of my colleagues will be very very grateful.

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