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The Power of Listening

We live in disruptive times. In a few years half the workforce is predicted to be between the age of 20 and 30 and the other half is a rich medley of ages. Healthy, smart and switched on. Also very hyper-connected!!!

So here we are, in this very complex milieu, trying to make sense of what is presenting to us as we juggle the demands of our work and personal lives.

Imagine if some of this complexity is presenting because each of us is making sense of what is happening in a very different, unique way? And what if we became curious about how we are making sense of what is in front of us?

What if a leader is able to still their mind and pay attention to the person who is talking until they completely understand their view of the world? It may just be the ultimate weapon.

Imagine then, you are leading a meeting to discuss a complex issue and every one at the table has a different view. What might emerge if each person was allowed to speak until every one at the table understood their perspective?

If we were to believe what Robert Kegan has to say, it is the pathway to developing a a more sophisticated and nuanced perspective that emerges when we are able to listen to diverse ideas and thinking. It creates in us the ability to respond adaptively to complex challenges.

It is a simple idea. Listen. Deeply. And with compassion.

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