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If you are like me, wondering about what we can do to create a world where people love the work they do, you may be in good company!
We can be purposeful and intentional about the impact we have on our teams, organisations and communities.
We can tap into our abundant curiosity, our desire to collaborate and to share our stories to create thriving workplaces, where individuals and teams flourish.

Teams working really well together can be game changing. Most of the time, this is remarkably easy. After all, we are hard wired to collaborate and connect with others. Sometimes, a few little things may get in the way. That is where I could help! 

I have worked in and with leadership teams for several decades. The challenges we face are increasingly complex and demanding. I know from experience that listening in to diverse perspectives creates new possibilities and allows us to tackle these challenges adaptively. 

what you can expect

I use a deep inquiry based methodology that unlocks an understanding of what is important to each team member and what their strengths are.


This builds the foundation for a trust based team climate that redirects interaction and dialogue in a way that expands perspective, enabling adaptive response to complex challenges.

. . . 

Engagement will typically involve discovery sessions individually and with team to create a shared, mutual understanding of individual and team values, strengths and ambitions.


This forms the basis to design a program that will serve the team best and will include individual coaching and experiential team workshops.


The developmental aim is to transfer learning for more effective individual reflection, team and paired interactions, so that new thinking and behaviours are embedded in work.

How I Work
What you can expect
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